E.P. Carillo Allegiance cigar Review

E.P. Carillo is a master blender and cigar maker whose factory is in Nicaragua. E.P. Carillo went to the Oliva Family to make the Allegiance cigar, using their world-class, premium, aged tobacco. He created and prescribed the blend and the Oliva family made them at the factory. Let us light up and dive into the E.P. Carillo Allegiance!

The Allegiance Cigar sports a pretty, oily, Sumatra Wrapper. The smell of the wrapper, before lighting, the Allegiance, has a strong leather scent. There is also a clean, non-infused pipe tobacco scent. A cold draw (the draw before lighting) brings the leather to the forefront. Upon lighting, the taste of leather is heavily present. There is also a solid black pepper spice and a slight nuttiness. I am still determining what kind of nut(s) are prevalent, but hopefully, a particular nut will stand out as we smoke.

On the back end of the draw, a raisin-like sweetness takes a little of the heat from the pepper down a notch. As we get into the first third, the construction of the E.P. Carillo Allegiance is well-made. It is a very inviting banding, from the wrapped labeling to the green ribbon wrapping at the foot. The cigar wrapper has a strong presence, with the wrapper leaf tightly wrapped, exposing a few nicely aligned veins and showcasing the flavorful oils in the tobacco.

As we near the end of the first third, the leather is the leading flavor, followed by the black pepper. The Raisin sweetness comes forward the more I smoke. This is by far a medium to full-body cigar. Entering the second third, there is only a little complexity so far. The three primary flavors are holding their course. The nuttiness remains. I’m leaning
towards a slightly roasted Almond. Although the nuttiness is minimal, it presents itself to me enough to be identified. Halfway through the second third, the raisin becomes more prominent. The leather, black pepper, and raisin blend well for a great smoking experience!

The retro-hale brings the black pepper to the front of the palette, forcing the sweetness of the raisin to take a back seat, minimalizing the leather flavors. Wow!

Rounding the final third, I usually experience a concentration of the prominent flavors from the cigar I’m smoking. With the E.P. Carillo Allegiance, I still have the same smoothness and abundance of leather, black pepper, and raisin, with a hint of lightly roasted almond. The burn has been even throughout my smoking experience with the Allegiance. No touch-ups are needed yet. The draw started a touch tight, only for a few draws, but got better right away, which would not hinder me from smoking another.

For an experienced smoker, this is a morning cup of coffee go-to. The E.P. Carillo Allegiance would pair well with a true Zinfandel or a nicely aged Port for an after-dinner smoke. The sweetness of the wines will offset, yet compliment, the pepper, mellow the leather, and blend well with the Raisin. For those who would instead enjoy a spirit, a nice Scotch, such as Balvenie Double Oaked or Dahlwienne Double Oaked, should hit the palette nicely. The smoke and honey notes of these two Scotches will compliment the smoothness and flavors of the Allegiance cigar. If you enjoy the peppery spice of a cigar, try pairing the E.P. Carillo Allegiance with a higher-proof bourbon (105- up). A higher-proof Rye will suffice if you enjoy spicier, such as Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye or New Riff, Barrel Proof Rye, or even Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye.

Overall, the E.P. Carillo Allegiance is a wonderful smoke that oozes the “Take me away, Calgon” relaxation we all seek when enjoying an excellent, premium cigar! This stick is another hit from E.P. Carillo! Treat yourself to a great, relaxing smoking experience with the E.P. Carillo Allegiance.

Let us at the Mason Cigar Manor know your thoughts on the E.P. Carillo Allegiance. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time, cheers, friends!

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