NFL Football Pool Week Nine Winners and Recap

Herb K. is a two-timer.

Herb picked 11 games correctly, making him a second-time winner. He also correctly guessed the total score for the Bengals-Bills game, so had there been a tie, he would have won anyway.


  • Three participants picked ten games correctly.
  • Some trash talk: “Your picks are as unpredictable as a coin toss. Except the coin seems to have better odds.” – Rhett. “Man up Josh Allen” – Herb K. Deb’s latest concerning Herb: “”Herb! Mr. On Time!, always! Paul was picking Herb up on Wednesday, to go to Lexington for some pest control training… Herb being Herb… Paul calls to say he’s in the parking lot, ready to go…. And Herb… again, being Herb… rolls over in bed and says…’well, I guess it’s time to get up!!!’ “
  • The joke of the week award goes to Jeff F: “My half-brother and I are no longer allowed to play with chainsaws.”
  • Some people believe the meaning to life is numerical, and two people — Rhett and Herb — predicted the total combined score of the game correctly, which was also their answer to the meaning of life.

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