NFL Picks Week Five Winner and Recap

Congratulations to Josh C., winner of this week’s NFL picks. Josh correctly picked ten games this week. Chris J. tied with Josh with ten picks as well, but Josh won the tie-breaker.


  • Last week’s winner, who picked all the games correctly picked half of them this week. We won’t mention any names.
  • Scott G. came the closest in predicting how many total points would be scored in the Bengals – Cardinals game, with 52 total points predicted.
  • No one correctly answered the question, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Some of the answers: “700 lbs,” “all of them,” “a lot,” and “as much as he wants.” The correct answer is 42.
  • Brian T dave a news update: “Pray for Steelers fans, there was a fire at a library in Pittsburgh. Both coloring books were burned up. One hasn’t even been colored yet.”

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