NFL Week Ten Winners and Recap

Chad B. is this week’s NFL pool winner.

The winner had been determined after the completion of the Sunday games, as everyone picked the Bills to win Monday night. Deb K., Scott K., and Darren S. also correctly predicted the same amount of games, but Chad had the closest guess with the tie-breaker, predicting 600 total yards. The correct answer was 731 yards (total passing and rushing by Joe and CJ).

Kunal B. was the winner of the tie-breaker question, predicting 666 total yards between the two QBs. Had he tied with the most picks, he would have been our overall winner.

Notable trash talk / jokes this week:

  • “Why don’t moles do well in business? Because they always undermine their own work!” – Rhett
  • “I need help from Paul” – Herb K. Yes, Herb, you do.

Answering the question, “Will Puddy and Elaine ever get back together? Why or why not?”:

  • “No. He’s crazy” – Chris J.
  • “You’re asking the wrong question. The answer is 42 and the question is, ‘what is 7 x 8?’ ” – Ben B.
  • “No. The show often played the on-again / off-again dynamics for laughs, suggesting that their getting back together was always temporary.” – Rhett
  • “No, they bring out the worst in each other.” – Chad B.
  • “No, because he doesn’t care that Elaine is going to Hell.” – Herb K.