Tabanero Nero Review

Hello, Cigar Family! Today, we have a special review from Cuban-born Yanko Maceda, the owner of Tabanero Cigars, based in the Ybor District of Tampa, Florida, also known as Cigar City. Maceda moved to the U.S. in 1994 and developed his passion for cigars while settling in Tampa. His dedication and hard work have made his cigars a staple in the Tampa area. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Tabanero Edicion Limitada Nero. 

Tabanero Cigars in Ybor, Tampa, FL

The initial aroma from the wrapper reveals spices, roasted coffee bean, and dark, bitter cocoa. The cold draw presents the same flavor profile as the wrapper’s scent.

Let’s light up! With the initial draw, there’s a prominent dark, bitter cocoa flavor. The retrohale brings out notes of black pepper and roasted coffee beans. I think I need a cup of coffee for this review. This box-pressed beauty is off to a great start, but we’ll see how the flavors evolve from the first third to the final third.

The construction of the Tabanero Nero is impressive, featuring tobacco from various regions: a Mexican San Andres wrapper, an Ecuadorian binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Pennsylvania, and Nicaragua. The dark maduro shade of the San Andres wrapper is appealing, and the tiny veins invite closer inspection between draws.

About halfway through the first third, a sweetness begins to emerge, almost like adding sugar to the bitter cocoa. Don’t worry, the bitter cocoa is that pure, baking chocolate kind of bitterness. The black coffee I’m drinking really enhances and unlocks the flavors as I enter the second third.

In the second third, the coffee and cocoa flavors are pronounced, with a hint of caramel lingering alongside. The black pepper is more noticeable in the retrohale but is present in every draw. I’d say it’s a medium to full-bodied cigar. I’d be cautious about giving this to a new smoker, as the black pepper, while not overwhelming, is quite noticeable and might be off-putting for some.

Additionally, the second third coats my mouth with a heavy smoke feel, similar to a thick cup of coffee with melted chocolate. The finish is somewhat long, but the flavors keep me coming back for the same experience with each draw. Halfway through the second third, the flavors remain consistent. The construction is holding up well, with a steady, even burn and no unraveling.

Entering the final third, the flavor profile remains unbelievably consistent. Usually, flavors vary at this point, with some becoming more potent while others fade. Even the retrohale remains as consistent as before. A note about the double bands on the cigar: they’re made of thick paper reminiscent of My Father, Placencia, and Fuente wrappers, making me wonder if some of this well-aged tobacco comes from those esteemed cultivators. Approaching the first band, I notice a slight uneven burn, which didn’t affect the flavor but required a touch-up. The ash has been consistently white, a sign of good construction, and has held firm throughout.

As I near the end of this cigar, I must say that Yanko Maceda has blended a great cigar with the Nero. Thumbs up! I’d pair this not only with a cup of coffee but also with a not-too-high-proof bourbon, like Angel’s Envy Rye or Sazerac Rye, for added sweetness that complements the cocoa and coffee bean flavors. For Scotch lovers, I recommend the Glenlivet Caribbean Finish Scotch, finished in rum barrels.

We at Mason Cigar Manor would love to hear your thoughts on the Tabanero Edicion Limitada cigar. Stop in and try one. Let us know how you enjoyed the Tabanero Nero! Cheers, family!

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